Who Benefits?

Estate developers

benefit by saving on upfront service infrastructure installation costs.

HOAs and body corporates

benefit from receiving accurate ‘Common Area’ definitions and favourable rates. They can also call on our reliable service team, based on site where applicable, who have the expertise to respond quickly to technical issues, service problems and account queries.

Municipalities benefit

from reduced administration costs and guaranteed monthly payments.

Estate residents

benefit from ongoing, reliable service delivery and clear, easy-to-manage account management systems. The resident received AMR readings
Major Benefit 1

No Municipal electricity account!

We takeover the Municipal/Eskom account, placing the required guarantees' to protect the client. We are responsible for collecting power used effectively as we carry the main bill.

Major Benefit 2

Infrastructure is our responsibility!

We take responsibility for the electricity and water infrastructures, servicing and maintaining all equipment, replacing faulty equipment at our costs.

Major Benefit 3

Online, streamlined!

Downloadable application documents for new clients. Automated billing via e-mail. Secure client access to account with individual username and password after registration. Monthly statement and historical data easily accessible.