How does it work?

Simplicity is the secret to Voltano’s success as estate infrastructure service providers. Follow our simple three step process, from implementation to maintenance.


Call us to get connected

Contact us as soon as possible at the start of your estate development planning process.

We take the risk out of your hands by installing the right equipment required to enable power and water management to the entire estate. Developers can make substantial savings by reducing their upfront installation costs because our network design takes our management expertise into consideration.

Once we have finalised our agreement with you, we ensure and manage that class-1 electricity metering are installed and used tothether with water metering equipment. This includes centralised monitoring equipment, and meters in each individual unit. On larger estates, we open a site office, staffed by qualified technical and customer service representatives.


Empowering customers with better management

Our customers have access to our online account monitoring systems.

We use our energy management system to control usage, which could mean shifting the peak usage period to off-peak times. In this way, developers and communities can help to reduce costs, minimise losses. It will also help to reduce the overall peak demand across the country.


One bill, guaranteed

Simple billing and payment system

We bill the home owner or estate tenants and collect their payments by debit order or direct deposits by the respective clients. We do not hold the property owner responsible for tenants’ debts. Customers may also use a pre-paid credit system, receiving an automatic SMS notification to alert them of low credit levels Voltano takles the full responsibility to pay the bulk invoice and verify that it is correct. We then make one payment to the municipality every month.